Sunday, February 14, 2016

3 Fabulous Math Games for Fact Fluency

Hi friends! I'm sharing three math fact games perfect for fluency practice that your students are going to LOVE playing. These math fact games allow for differentiation at different levels of math fact mastery so all students can play the same game at a math station, center, or in a small group.

Sequence Num6ers (7+ adult): This game is for 3 players individually or 3 student teams working in partner groups. The object of the game is to score one sequence of 5 chips in a down, across, or diagonal pattern on the gameboard before your opponents. This game is perfect for addition and subtraction math fact practice as the playing cards feature both addition and subtraction number sentences. Colored coded number sentences and corresponding answers on the gameboard help students with their fact fluency. Students who need extra support can play the game with a number line. A few unexpected twists keep game play fun. Two "plus" cards allows a player to place a chip in any open space on the game board allowing players to "block" each other and the two "minus" cards allows you to remove an opponent's chip on the gameboard.

Double Shutter Shut the Super Box (6+ adult): This game is suitable for 1-4 players (you will need to keep score with the multiplayer game). The object of the game is to shut all of the tiles in the box or have the lowest remaining total on the board. The game directions are primarily written for addition but I've modified this game in the classroom and used this game for addition, subtraction, or multiplication fact practice. Students start with all the tiles flipped up. They roll two dice and create as many correct addition, subtraction, or multiplication number sentences and answers as they can. For each correct number sentence and answer, they get to shut the corresponding tile. Players can only shut a tile from the back row if the tile in front has already been shut. When the total points on the remaining tiles is six or fewer, players can choose to throw only one dice.

Four Way Countdown (6+ adult): This game is for 2-4 players. The object of the game is to be the first player to flip up all ten keys (wooden pegs) before your opponents. This game allows students to create addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division number sentences to match their roll of the dice. When students create a correct number sentence and answer, they flip up their key on their side of the gameboard. A few twists keep this game exciting, if you roll a double six and you have to put all of your keys back down. Roll an eleven and you get to choose: have it count for a number one (6 - 5 =1) or choose to put all of your opponent's keys down. (This is by far the most popular choice in my classroom.)

I hope that you'll be *Adding Some Sparkle* to your classroom very soon. I'd love to hear from my fellow teachers. How are you using this games in your classroom? Send me a Tweet @addsparkle88 or send me a picture on IG addsomesparkle88. Until next time friends.

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