Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Report Writing and ChatterPix

Look at these great illustrations from our penguin research project! Students selected one of the 17 different kinds of penguins to research and used non-fiction books, a student subscription to WorldBook Online, the Web site KidZone Penguins, and the kid-friendly search engine KidRex to research their penguin.

Students learned about their penguins location in the world, their size, diet, habitat, predators, and an interesting fact. Students checked in with me to make sure their research information was accurate before proceeding to the next step.

Students then used their knowledge about their penguin to draw a full color picture of their penguin and their habitat using crayons as this medium shows up really well in ChatterPix.

Using their iPads and the App ChatterPix, students took a picture of their penguin drawing. Then students drew a line for a mouth on their penguin picture and recorded their voice "speaking" as the penguin.

Finally, we did some "App Smashing." We uploaded our Penguin ChatterPix videos to SeeSaw and shared them to our class blog. We also printed out a paper copy of our research reports from SeeSaw and hung them on the bulletin board in the hallway so other students could scan the QR code reader and learn from our research. Finally, we uploaded our penguin research projects to Padlet so we can share them with parents, our school community, and you.

Click on this link to listen to our penguin research projects https://padlet.com/rafterys/penguin Enjoy!

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