Q: How long have you been teaching? 
A: I had to look it up at the beginning of this school year because I had forgotten - it's been awhile! I cannot believe it but this is my 10th year of teaching. I've been in Second Grade since the beginning of my career. I love this age group because students are so excited to learn about new things. The excitement that they bring to the classroom makes my job FUN!

Q: Where do you teach?
A: I teach in a public school in the suburbs of Indianapolis. We currently have four sections of Second Grade in our building. We are a K-5 elementary school. 

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach? 
A: I love to teach Math. Friends and family who know me well are surprised when they hear this because they know that I struggled with math as an elementary student. I eventually got the hang of things but it was a bumpy journey. I use my own personal experiences to relate to my struggling math students. You'll notice that my TpT shop has a lot of math resources that are easily differentiated for all levels of learning.

Q: What's your favoite part about teaching?
A: I love that "lightbulb moment" when you can see that a student who is struggling with a concept "get it" for the first time. We celebrate those moments each day!

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